Lovely DIY Miniature Stone Houses ideas

Miniature stone houses are currently very popular as decoration as well as DIY activity. There are few important things that you keep in mind while making DIY miniature stone houses. The selection of stones for making these houses is the most important among all. You should try to find small and smooth stones of uniform size. By constructing a stone house you will be able to educate your child about initial masonry techniques. Here is a stepwise guide for building miniature stone houses.

First of all you need to draw a rectangle of 1 foot by 6 inch as a footprint of stone house with chalk. You should leave 2 inch opening for door on the front side. Now you have to place stones on the whole chalk outline. In next step you should make a cement pudding by mixing 1 cup cement mortar with water. You can do this mixing in a small bowl. When the cement pudding is ready to be used then you should add similar stones on the previously placed stones with the help of cement mortar. Take a ridged cardboard and cut a small piece of 2 inch by 6 inch to insert in doorway.

Following the same process of adding stones you have to build your DIY miniature stone house. You can insert a 2 inch window with the help of corrugated cardboard. You need to completely built the front and rear wall of your miniature house with triangular shaped roof eaves. You can make a roof with the help of plywood. For this you can cut a plywood piece of 7 inch by 8 inch with table saw. This plywood can be attached as rooftop with the help of mortar. You can paint your DIY miniature stone house roof with your favorite color and leave it to get dry. You can remove the cardboard from window and door after the mortar get dry to have opening to your house.

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Remarkable DIY letter boxes ideas for your home

A #letterbox outside your home is a must thing, because it will help you in securing your bills and other important documents which may be delivered through courier. There are lots of options through which you can build a strong beautiful DIY #letter #boxes ideas for your home. Following are some suggestions in this regard.

  • If you have an iron box available with you then you can easily use it as a letter box. It will be a strong protective case for your mails.
  • Are there some small bushes or trees outside your house? If this is the case then you can use anyone of them to uphold a beautiful letterbox. It will not only look beautiful but will remain protected as well.
  • In case you are looking for an easy yet classic option, then you can easily purchase a premade kids toy house and use it as your mail box by making little changes to it.
  • A simple box can be converted into a DIY letter box for your home. You can easily find a small box laying vacant in your garage. You can make this simple box looks beautiful by applying different color paint to it. This makes it vibrant as well as easy for the postman to see it.
  • A wooden drum can also act as your mailbox as it can not only secure your mails but also look unique and show your taste.
  • Is there a steel container available with you, which you think is of no use now. Then you can easily convert it to a mail box and place at your house gate. It will help you in securing your mails properly.
  • A plastic box can easily serve as a DIY letter box for your home. You can create a colorful plastic box on your own or can get a readymade one.
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Festive DIY Gift Boxes

Christmas season brings a lot of gifts with it. It is not a festival where we just need to go for shopping on the last day. It is that part of the season where we want to enjoy our time with our family and friends. But Christmas is incomplete without gifts so why don`t you try DIY gift boxes to present the gifts to your friends. Your own crafted gift boxes will look standout from others and give your friends a unique feeling of love and friendship. You can customize the gift boxes as per your friend’s choices and liking. Once you started wrapping the Christmas gifts, you will surely feel clam, enjoyable and relaxing.

When you present the gift to someone in custom made gift box, they will surely love the gift box as much as the gift itself. With personalized gift boxes, you will also enjoy the freedom of using whatever material or colors you want. These festive DIY gift boxes can also serve as a decoration. These gift boxes are not just limited to being square or rectangular shape which is quite boring. You can choose any shape as a gift box as it will add a new unique touch to your gift. Making of these of unique gift boxes won`t take a lot of creativity. If you have some idea or experience of doing things on your own, you will be able to create marvelous customize gift boxes.

You can make these festive DIY gift boxes from a lot of things that you actually want to throw away because they are of no use for you. This way you will not only able to make your friend feels happy but can also utilize those items which are out of use for a while.


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Easy DIY Flower Vases ideas

Flower is one thing that is loved and liked by almost everyone unless; they have some allergy or medial issue. So if you also love to grow flowers and decorate your interior with them, then growing them in beautiful flower vases is not a bad idea at all. You can also gift your homegrown flowers by putting them in beautiful DIY flower vases. Following are some easy ideas for making flower vases on your own.

DIY Geometric Vases

If you have a modern interior design for you home then you should look to add the modern Geometric vases. These vases are easy and colorful to make. These can be easily made with the help of test tubes and inexpensive foam balls. You can present them to your mother on Mother`s day.

Plastic Spoon Vase

This DIY flower vase can be made with the help of empty plastic spoons. This is a genius idea. By making this vase you can add to the spring blooms. If you wanted to make a colorful vase then you need paint otherwise white looks elegant.

Pineapple Vase

If its summer and you need to have a temporary vase, then there is no better thing than a pineapple. If you get an empty pineapple shell, then it’s great, otherwise you can buy one and scoop out its pulp. This way your pineapple will not be wasted and it can also become a beautiful natural flower vase.

These are few simple ideas with which you can easily make DIY flower vase for your home as well as to gift to your friends. Other than these above mentioned ideas, there are many other ideas too. You can select the one that attracts you more as well as easy for you to execute. Good luck!

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Some ideas Regarding DIY Door Wreaths

Summers has just arrived so everyone is looking to welcome summers with their own style. If you are also looking to show your own style and love for summers than making DIY door wreaths will be a great option. It is a good option because with the change in weather, you can also change these wreaths. Some ideas that can go well for summer wreath are as follow.

Bucket Wreath

To give a nice rustic look to your door, you can add a bucket wreath. To make it look even more beautiful you can cover the bucket with the help of paper towel and then insert vase of blooms.

Wall Basket Wreath

This is an easy project where you just need a basket and cover it with a craft paper to make it look nice. After applying the craft paper you can place a zip top bag can be filled with damp floral foam. Now the last thing you need to do is to hang the basket with nail and fill it with fresh flowers

Watering Can Wreath

Another easy DIY door wreath idea is to use your old watering can to make a wreath. For this you just need to fill the can with water and then add some beautiful flower bouquets. You can hang the can with the help of wire through the handle.

Wagon Wheel Wreath

Are you looking to add a farmhouse look to your door then you can easily use this wagon wheel wreath to make your home entrance look great. To make it look extra elegant you can also add watering can as well as other farmhouse items to this DIY door wreath.

You can select any of these ideas and also search for some more or can come up with something interesting on your own as well.



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DIY Chicken Coop ideas

Rising chicken is one of the most popular hobbies around the world. There are many reasons for this like, it can help you in having fertilizer, companionship, pest control and the biggest of all is fresh eggs. So if you are also looking to take these advantages and enjoy daily eggs then making a DIY chicken coop will be a great option for you.

To start of your project first of all you need to find a great plan that is easy to execute as well. You can find a lot of plans and suggestion from both online as well as offline sources. The easy option is to search these plans online. This way you will be able to search a lot of plans in quick time. Further you can also compare the plans easily and then select the one that suits you well.  When you have decided to follow a DIY chicken coop plan, then you should follow its instructions and steps carefully. It is important because if you don`t follow the steps and instructions carefully then you may have to face problem in executing the project in best possible way.  

After deciding the plan, you should note down all the instructions and material required. Start arranging the material and tools that are required for executing this project. Don`t start before you have each and everything ready with you. If you start with some missing tool or material, then the project may not be completed on time which will result in waste of money as well as time. So what are you waiting for, start searching the best possible plan for your DIY chicken coop. when you are done with your search do take some time for arranging material and tools before you start your actual work of making chicken coop.  

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Ideas and Plans for DIY bird houses

If you have some tree in your garden then you are surely hosting some birds every day. If you are a bird lover and wanted to welcome more and more birds to your garden, then you also need to have some birdhouses so that your feather friends can feel safe and come to your home regularly. The pre-made bird houses can become little expensive so why don`t you try making DIY bird houses. This can not only be a fun activity but it can also help you in saving some money.

Wooden Birdhouse

If you have some experience in the field of woodworking then you can easily make a wooden birdhouse. It is lot easier for you to start with and the birds will surely love it.

Old Tea Pot and Drawer

An old tea pot and drawer can make a perfect birdhouse. You just need to attach the tea pot upside down with drawer. Last thing you need to do is to glue the top of teapot at the bottom of drawer to make a landing perch.

Customize birdhouse with Pennies

If you want a really simple DIY birdhouse then why don`t you purchase a premade bird house and customized it to give a personalized look. Once you buy a birdhouse you need to paint it and then glue some pennies on its roof. The important thing that you need to care for in all this is to use the adhesive carefully so that the roof won`t fall.

These are just few simple ideas for DIY birdhouses which you can follow and come up with beautiful birdhouses. Other than this there are some other ideas too or you can come up with your own by just using your old material which is not being used currently. 

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Few existing ideas for DIY Bath Mats

As we know that bath mats are washable and inexpensive, but this should not stop us from creating our own DIY version. The most surprising thing in this is to create DIY bath mats with unconventional material. So if you are interested in creating your bath mats, following are some ideas.

Loopy Yarn Bath Mat

If you are in love with knitted items and wanted to have a bath mat of same style and material, then you can easily create one for yourself. It will not only feel soft under your feet but will also help you to fulfill your taste requirements.

Quilted Bath Mat

In case if there is a spare quilt available with you, that you think you don`t need in future, then it can be perfectly converted into a quilt bath mat. It will also be helpful in utilizing your old scrap goods.

Wooden spa bath mat

Another idea for DIY bath mat is to make one with the help of wooden pieces. You can get an IKEA decking kit, which is easily available in square shape. You can attach these square pieces together to give them a look of wooden mat. This mat is much easier to clean and move as compare to others.

Cotton Rug Bath Mat

A quick way to make a non slip bath mat is to buy gripping shelf liner and sew it or hot glue it underside the mat. This is so simple and don`t require any expertise. If you think that the size is not as per your requirements, then you can easily adjust it by trimming and then apply glue.

These are some easy and cost effective DIY bath mat ideas. You can choose any of these as per your choice and availability of material. 

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